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Vitetta Mariano M.


Lawyer and public translator received at the Universidad de Buenos Aires Law School.

Professional & academic activity: As an independent lawyer, he is focused on business criminal cases, with a particular angle on the international field. He is also registered as an official translator in the Federal Criminal Chambers of the Federal Capital, San Martín, San Isidro, and La Plata, among others. He is a professor of Common LawInstitutions at the Universidad Austral; associate professor of the Legal Writing and Research Workshop of the Argentine Catholic University; and Professor of Professional Practice of Translation III of the Universidad CAECE de Mar del Plata.

Publications: Dr Vitetta is the author of several publications, such as: “La Crisis del llamado legal writing y la renovación de la enseñanza de la escritura en las facultades de derecho argentinas” -in co-authorship with Dr Santiago Legarre- (Academia, year 14, number 28, 2016, pp 15-35), and the translation from English to Spanish of the book “Why law Matters”, by Alon Harel, in 2018.

Memberships: He is a member of the Buenos Aires Bar Association, the Association of Translators of the City of Buenos Aires; the Public Bar Association of the Federal Capital; the American Translators Association; the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters; Clarity International.

Language: Dr. Vitetta is bilingual in English and has an advanced level in Italian, German, and Portuguese languages.

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